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Waist beads are a traditional African fashion accessory that is usually made of small beads on a string and worn around the waist or hips.

They usually come in different colors, shapes and sizes and some of them also contain crystals and charms.

They are handmade and have been used by women from the olden days to feel more feminine and beautiful. Here are other reasons why women choose to wear waist beads:

 Weight Tracking

Waist beads are tools for mindfulness and accountability. They will help you shape your waist and also help you to gauge your weight.

 Femininity and Self Love

Waist beads have been used by women to feel attractive, beautiful and sensuous.

For some women, it gives them that sexual appeal.

Rites of Passage

In some African cultures, waist beads are worn to show maturity and growth.

In some places, when a girl has seen her first period, she is usually given a waist bead as a ceremonial rite of passage into womanhood.


Waist beads have been used to make you more aware of your sitting posture.

They serve as reminder to know when to sit straight or when to tighten your stomach muscles.

Some wear for fashion adornments, spirituality and more. It's your journey, so wear them however you see fit.

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