The Journey. The Designer

Waisted Boutique LLC waist beads are created to celebrate women and encourage all women; to love the skin you are in. Waist beads serve as a confidence booster to women who feel the need to "get their sexy back". No matter your journey; I create with intent so that you can feel your feminine energy flow through. 


I officially started my journey in 2018.  I was at a very low point in my life and not feeling like myself after after losing my mother in 2018. 

I used beading as my therapy to heal and cope with my depression.

The beading process was relaxing and extremely therapeutic for my healing.

When I put on my first strand of waist beads,  they gave me the feeling of being wrapped in love—self-love. I began to notice that with every strand that I wore, I felt more aligned with my femininity.   I felt more in tune with myself, like I could be beautiful and feel beautiful again--even with suffering through depression.  After posting my pictures to social media sites, I began getting requests and inquiries on my waist beads. I knew then that I had to create for more than just myself because every woman needed to experience the awareness and sensual feeling of wearing waist beads. Women were ready to embrace their curves, feel beautiful, heal through traumas in their lives, build their confidence back up and get back to loving themselves again. That's when I had my "AHA moment". I had just the product; a tool, to assist with that.  I began creating waist beads to celebrate women---ALL WOMEN!

Through my waist beads, you will see my style and personality exude from each strand. From the difference in my style all the way to the details of each waist bead, you will see the passion I have for my brand. I love the sisterhood that is formed as I speak to women to share how each of our journeys began. It is always a pleasure hearing women tell me how much more feminine, sexy and confident they feel after being adorned with my waist beads.  I also love the versatility of my waist beads; you can be as young or as seasoned as you would like to be because the whole goal is to embrace being you, promote self-love and  self-awareness. 


At Waisted Boutique LLC, it is all about vibes, sisterhood, connections and most importantly ENERGY!  When you decide to start your waist bead journey with us, our main focus is YOU. We want you to  be here for you so that we can bring out the best in you and assist with you being the most confident and beautiful woman that you can be. The rest will follow.

It is time for you to show yourself some love and let me help you intensify the beauty that is already within you--let's get you waisted in the highly intoxicating energy of waist beads. Sis, you owe it to yourself.


Waist Bead Designer

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