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The Journey. The Designer.


What is Waisted Boutique LLC?


Waisted Boutique LLC is a woman-owned waist bead accessory boutique. We are based in Georgia and design waist beads to celebrate women and encourage all women; to love the skin they are in. Waist beads are beautiful accessories used as a tool to serve as a confidence booster for women who feel the need to "get their sexy back". No matter your journey; we are ready to create a beautiful waist bead for you so that you can feel your feminine energy flow through. 

Meet The Designer

I officially started my journey in 2018. I used beading as my therapy to heal and cope with depression after losing my mother. Beading was relaxing and extremely therapeutic for my healing. My initial experience of wearing waist beads was an instant confidence booster. When I put on my first strand of waist beads, I didn't know exactly what I was supposed to feel but what I did know was that they gave me that nudge of confidence, the feeling of being wrapped in love—self-love."

With every strand that I wore, I felt more aligned with my femininity and more in tune with herself.  Waist beads made me feel beautiful and sexy--even when I was suffering through bouts of anxiety and depression. Because of the way waist beads made me feel, I knew that I had to create for more than just myself.  I felt that every woman needed to experience the power of waist beads---the mindfulness, awareness, and sensual feeling of wearing waist beads.

How We Got Started?

The universe is very powerful! As we continued to research waist beads and their many purposes, we knew that we wanted to become connected and aligned with like-minded women who too, were on a journey of mindfulness, self-awareness and overall living a healthier lifestyle. 


In early 2020, our owner started connecting with women who were ready to love themselves through all the adversities, who were ready to feel beautiful, to heal through traumas in their lives,  to build their confidence back up, and to get back to loving themselves again. That's when we had our "AHA moment" and Waisted Boutique LLC was birthed. We began creating waist beads to celebrate women---ALL WOMEN!

What Are We All About?

At Waisted Boutique LLC, we're all about vibes, sisterhood, connections, and most importantly ENERGY!  When you decide to start your waist bead journey with us, the main focus is YOU. We want to be here for you so that we can bring out the best in you and assist you in being the most confident and beautiful woman that you can be. The rest will follow.

We want all of the women who adorn their waists in our hand-made creations to see and feel the passion and energy that is infused in each strand. We love what we do and that is creating!  What we love about our waist beads is the versatility you can be as young or as seasoned as you would like to be because the whole goal is to embrace being you and promote self-love, self-awareness, and accountability.

It is time for you to show yourself some love and let us help you intensify the beauty that is already within you. Let us get you waisted in the highly intentional energy of our waist beads. Sis, you owe it to yourself. 


Waist Bead Designer

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